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    Early Childhood Development – Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Milestones

    Early Childhood Development

    Early childhood is a critical period for development, with rapid growth and changes occurring in all areas of a child’s life. From physical development to cognitive and emotional growth, the first few years of life lay the foundation for future success. In this article, we will explore the key milestones in physical, cognitive, and emotional […]

    Development, Learning and Language in a Child’s Early Years

    Language Development

    Early childhood is a critical period in a child’s life where they experience rapid growth and development in various areas, including physical, cognitive, and language development. This period is crucial for building the foundation for a child’s future growth and success. Physical Development in Early Childhood Physical development in early childhood refers to the changes […]

    Early Childhood Development in Dubai

    Early Childhood Development in Dubai

    IMPORTANCE OF CURIOSITY IN LEARNING Curiosity could have killed the cat but it sure keeps the human brain alive and ignited. Early childhood proves to be a Golden era for your child’s development. They are brimming with the need to know how things work or why they work at all. This period commences from conception […]

    How Brain Training helps in Early Childhood Development

    Early childhood development

    ‘Better late than never’ – also indicates that starting early is still the best option! The same applies to a young mind. In fact, a baby’s brain starts to develop as soon as it enters its six-week phase, and it continues to grow and mature through the end of pregnancy and completes finally at the […]