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    What is Brain Training?

    Our brain training programs offered in Dubai, UAE target the 7 core cognitive skills in our mind. We do it through a series of intense yet enjoyable mental exercises for the brain that work on the way we think, learn, read, and remember. These exercises or drills, are a result of 35 years of research designed to improve the way you learn & perform. Not to forget, boost and reprogram your brain!

    Best yet, our clients work one-on-one with their own personal certified brain trainers. You know those intense, fun brain exercises we just mentioned? As a Brainnovation client, you’ll be doing them sitting across a table from your own brain trainer. The face-to-face aspect of our programs takes the training experience to a whole new level and is a big part of what makes us so unique.

    Brain Training Program in Dubai

    Brainnovation offers a Brain Training Program conducted at our Center in Dubai, UAE. Our services include Cognitive Skill Assessments & skill building programs designed to improve your Productivity, Speed and Confidence – in anything you do!

    What are cognitive skills?

    Every task at school, home or work – is a reflection of how well your cognitive skills are working together. Cognitive Skills such as Attention, Memory, Processing speed, Visual, Reasoning & Listening skills are continuously put to action whether it is merely spelling a word or making an important decision in your life.

    Did you know??

    Most of our struggles are caused by weak cognitive skills, all of which can be strengthened through training!

    Brain Training is not Tutoring

    Though both tutoring and brain training can be beneficial to children and adults who need assistance with work, school, or other activities, they are far from being the same. Simply put, tutoring is a method of delivering educational content, while brain training helps strengthen weak cognitive skills to help enhance the learning experience.

    In order to learn, you not only need strong educational content, but the skills to learn, understand, and apply the content. At Brainnovation, we can help kids and adults from all walks of life.

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    Brain Training for Learning Disabilities

    Approximately 80% of learning challenges are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills that your child uses for learning and performing well in and out of school. If you can strengthen a child’s core cognitive skills, learning and life become much easier.

    A child with a learning disability or disorder will usually display multiple signs and symptoms of a learning disability.

    Common Signs and Symptoms of a Learning Disability:

    If you are a struggling parent, student or have a child with learning disabilities, brain training can help you overcome the barriers and help unleash the potential within. These drills (or exercises for the brain) are designed to reprogram your brain to change how you perform – no matter how old you are!

    We Help Parents

    Take The First Step - Schedule Your Skills Assessment

    If you are keen to find out where you/your child stands in terms of his cognitive abilities, then we strongly suggest taking The Gibson’s Cognitive Skills Assessment with us.

    This affordable Assessment takes about an hour to complete and It will help pinpoint weaknesses, indicate the “why” behind struggles you are experiencing, and so much more.

    Your personalized Brain training program in Dubai is now just a call away. Reach out to us today to schedule your Assessment and take the first step towards faster, smoother learning.