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    Early Childhood Development in Dubai


    Curiosity could have killed the cat but it sure keeps the human brain alive and ignited. Early childhood proves to be a Golden era for your child’s development. They are brimming with the need to know how things work or why they work at all. This period commences from conception till the age of 8. These special years for your child advocate special attention. It is their first time for literally everything! These are the years your kid will learn to use tools to learn and get curious. At Brainnovation, we work with the parents to explore new ways the kids can learn and feed their curiosity. The management working towards early childhood development in Dubai tends to their receptive nature.  We stay ever ready to respond to their signals to get curious and harness their senses of taste, smell, hearing, and seeing in the best possible ways.

    The World of Explorers

    Kids are called little Einsteins for a reason. How they ask about everything, and question everything is a good sign that their brain has what it needs to learn and develop.

    Early childhood development in Dubai is mainly focused on boosting your child’s intellectual and physical needs. You need to provide age-appropriate support. Each stage requires undivided and individual nurturing, care, stimulation, and nutrition. If you ace the mentioned categories, it will be an easy ride to intellectual thinking, language, and emotional and social development.

    Early childhood development is the stage where kids learn their true identity and get important life lessons backed by multiple curiosity episodes. Learning through curiosity opens a gateway to healthy learning experiences.

    Special Needs Inclusion

    When focusing on Special Needs Early Childhood Development, in Dubai, we keep a clear head on two things.

    1 – Children will be children!

    No matter how many demarcations one may draw in, the fact that they love to try new things, study your features, do group activities, and run after the latest toy, will never change. Irrespective of medical records, every child is dealt with the same level of care and nurturing.

    2 – Every child is unique!

    Be it a special needs child or their typical peers, attention to each individual and catering to their unique personality and ability is a must. We believe that the inclusion of special needs in daycares and kindergartens benefits their peers too! They also receive a more focused approach from attendants.

    Tips Aiding in Early Childhood Development

    As mentioned above, the first four stages make a huge impact on how your child may strive in life. The following factors are a sure-shot way of ensuring things go uphill.

    Take Conversations Seriously!

    Stimulate as much baby talk as you can. The more you engage yourself in incoherent babbles and grunts, the more exposure your child will have to ‘speech’. They will notice changes in your tone, ways of speaking, and conversation layouts. Know that when the child enters the learning phase, they start observing everything!

    Curiosity vs curiosity

    When they ask you something curious, reply with a curious answer too. This unleashes their brain activity to the maximum. Know that the child will observe which individual motivates their curiosity and which adult is the quiet, unresponsive one. Have you noticed that children run towards the most adventurous or daring adults?

    Early Childhood Development in Dubai orbits around curiosity. It is the core of cognitive development. It motivates learning and lays much-needed patterns of decision-making.

    Remember, the number of words exposed to the child will decide the number of words your child can generate at age 2, as well as their ability to learn and be receptive later on.

    Story Time is No Joke!

    Read as much as you can to them. This creates open-ended scenarios for them to learn and base questions on. Reading to your baby nudges them to ask questions, understand characters, discern colors, shapes, or figures, and helps them discriminate tones and sounds. Every time you read to your baby; you lay a solid foundation of language skills.

    Learning All Day Everyday

    Making it a habit to learn new things from regular chores is the best way to prepare your child for the outside world. From folding laundry, counting change you got from the store, and how a door works, to the science involved in cooking.

    Playtime is Crucial

    Another way of ensuring fruitful early childhood development, experts at brain centers in Dubai advise participation in their play times. The little munchkins learn to envision themselves in someone else’s shoes by assuming characters. They learn how to take turns, share and create new worlds.

    Become A Role Model for Your Baby

    There is a massive phase of mimicry during early childhood development. Your child will try and copy whatever they see in their surroundings. They have all the tools to be the best impersonators, as they have become experts at reading your expressions and analyzing nonverbal attitudes. Hence, keep a clear watch on your own actions, if you want your child to become the best version of yourself.

    The brain reaches peak synergistic density during the third year of childhood. Every second a neural connection is being synthesized. The belief regarding Early Childhood Development by all experts in Dubai, is that the best way to make sure your child nurtures their curiosity and learning curves is through the providence of open learning environments.

    NEVER decrease their morale or make their opinions or actions tunnel-sighted as this will only hinder the thought process and hinder them from learning. The best way is to pay close attention to their needs and ask questions at the right moments to nudge them in the right direction. Only then a child will develop the correct tools to harness important life skills.


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