Team of Certified Brain Trainers in Dubai

Board of Directors

Tasneem Diwanji – Director of Brainnovation Brain Training Center
Tasneem Diwanji
Director of Operations

A bustling mother of 4, passionate about helping others & seeing clients reach their potential through the program has made me believe & enjoy what I do.

Sakeena Hussain – Director of Brainnovation Brain Training Center
Sakina Hussain
Director of Training

I do believe that each one of us has the power to influence, change or impact another life & Brainnovation has given me the opportunity to put that belief into practice.

Our Certified Trainers

Navneet Kaur - Psychologist and Brain Trainer in Dubai
Navneet Kaur
Psychologist and Brain-trainer

Very passionate about motivating individuals to be their absolute best in terms of their mental wellness.

Harlhyn Libantino – Certified Brain Trainer in Dubai
Harlhyn Libantino
Brain-Trainer & ESL Teacher

8 years of teaching experience with various cultures and backgrounds.

Mariya Rampuri – Certified Brain Trainer in Dubai
Mariya Rampuri
Brain-Trainer & ESL Teacher

Over 12 years of experience in working with diverse children & families.

Alifiya Khamgaonwala
Alifiya Khamgaonwala
Psychologist and Brain-trainer

With my background in Psychology and an aim to help people live their best life, I strive to encourage people to achieve their full potential and realise their intellectual capabilities.

Carol Mwangi – Counselling Psychologist and Brain Trainer
Carol Mwangi
Counselling Psychologist & Brain-trainer

Inspired to help others through my profession & strive to improve children’s and adults overall wellbeing.

Daan Kaur Roopra – Childhood Educator & Brain Trainer
Daan Kaur Roopra
Early childhood Educator & Brain-trainer

My passion and expertise lies in working with children of all ages, stages and with those who require additional support.

Rubaina Kunder
Brain-Trainer & ESL Teacher

With a background in Clinical Psychology and Education, I aim to help children, teenagers and young adults learn and perform better, emphasising on overall mental well-being.

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