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Autism Treatment in Dubai |ASD Therapy & Cure with Brainnovation

Autism Treatment in Dubai

Autism Spectrum

Autism impacts the ease with which a child or adult thinks, learns, and performs mentally at school, work, and life. While we do not diagnose or treat autism, Brainnovation is a skill enhancement center that has improved the cognitive performance of clients with many diagnoses—including clients of all ages who are on the autism spectrum = A different kind of brilliant!

Brain Training Program in Dubai

Signs and Symptoms to watch for include:

ADHD symptoms
If you or your child experience any or most of the above symptoms, you could possibly be struggling with ASD.

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. The learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities of people with ASD can range from gifted to severely challenged. Some people with ASD need a lot of help in their daily lives, others need less.

Causes of ASD

Studies reveal that all the causes of ASD are yet unknown. However – genetics, siblings with ASD, having older parents and certain drugs during pregnancy are all linked to the condition.

Studies reveal that children and adults diagnosed with Autism experienced dramatic improvements in long-term memory, broad attention, and auditory processing.

HOW can Brainnovation help?

Autism is a condition that impacts several cognitive skills in the mind. Our unique approach to brain training addresses the underlying root cause & target these weak skills through training. We are specialists who:

Identify your strong and weak skills through a Cognitive Skills Assessment.
Customize & recommend a suitable program Targeted to your weak skills and help you overcome the daily life struggle.
Embark you on a transformational journey through FUN & Intensive Mental exercises with a Personal Certified Brain trainer.

    Can Brain Training Help People With Autism?

    Our research shows that weak cognitive skills can negatively impact the everyday life of people with autism.

    We rely on cognitive skills for just about everything we do, including learning, reading, processing information, interacting with others, and more

    Our brain training program helped thousands of students with autism experience life-changing gains by significantly increasing their cognitive ability even though we don’t treat the actual condition.

    Brain Training Program in Dubai for ADHD Treatment

    Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:

    “Pre- and Post-Training Cognitive Performance among Brain training Clients with Autism”

    Autism treatment graph
    Want to know more about our Research & Case studies? CLICK HERE to Read our Client Outcomes Publication in detail.
    Benefits of training at Brainnovation

    Benefits of training at Brainnovation

    Client Testimonials

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