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    Speech and Language Disorder in Dubai


    Developmental delay in speech, language expression, communication milestones or speech impairment are common conditions in children marked by a significant lag in performance as compared to their age. It adversely affects their everyday lives and requires immediate action.

    Brainnovation’s Reading program for individuals with expressive language impairments is a form of speech treatment conducted by a personal brain trainer. These kids are having difficulty learning a certain aspect of the language for various reasons, and they need extra help to master it. When it comes to expressive language, the medical community does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. At Brainnovation, we treat every child’s specific issues under the heading of “each one speaks their own”.

    Any skill that the child lacks is identified & then specifically trained. Rather than waiting for the kid to acquire that element of the language on their own, our trainers focus on the foundation of sounds & phonemic awareness to build and strengthen their weak skill in expressive language.

    Brain Training Program in Dubai
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    What is a language disorder?

    Language disorders make it difficult for individuals to express themselves properly or comprehend what others are trying to communicate. This has nothing to do with hearing impairments. In early childhood, speech disorders, also known as receptive-expressive speech disorders, are common.

    It affects ten to fifteen percent of children under the age of 3. By the age of 4, linguistic knowledge is more prevalent and can be assessed more precisely to identify if a deficiency exists.

    Symptoms related to expression

    Language disorders are detected early in childhood. Notice if they can’t remember the correct word, your youngster may repeat “um” and “uh” instead.

    Other signs and symptoms usually involve:

    Some of these signs are typical aspects of language acquisition. If some of these abnormalities remain and do not improve, your child might have a language disorder.

    Our specialists in Dubai are happy to offer assistance to help you overcome these barriers. We strongly recommend taking a Cognitive Skills Assessment to reach a suitable Training Plan. The results help us determine the areas of weakness & can point towards a delayed speech or receptive language disorder diagnosis.

    HOW can Brainnovation help?

    If you are ready to work on your reading comprehension with the help of our training sessions, reach out to our team to Schedule your Brain Skills Assessment with us. Take the first step to easier learning!

    Identify your strong and weak skills through a Cognitive Skills Assessment.
    Customize & recommend a suitable program Targeted to your weak skills and help you overcome the daily life struggle.
    Embark you on a transformational journey through FUN & Intensive Mental exercises with a Personal Certified Brain trainer.

      The Brainnovation Speech and Language Disorder Treatment Plan

      We have a professional team that comprises educators, cognitive specialists and professionals devoted and passionate to help. They strive to execute the most sought-after training programs based on research and tailored to each child/adult.

      Our speech and language program is designed to help children overcome fears revolving language expression, broken speech & instill confident communication. Additionally, Speech therapy is a prominent solution for language disorders and is often recommended for parents to continue alongside Brain training.

      The Treatment & training program at Brainnovation however, will be determined by your child’s age, as well as the origin and severity of the problem determined through the Cognitive Skills Test. Early treatment is frequently critical to an optimum result.

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      Please note: While there may not be a universal or one size fits all treatment for delayed speech and receptive language disorders, our program provides a natural & drug-free solution for kids & adults that involves behavioral and science-based techniques.

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