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    Development, Learning and Language in a Child’s Early Years

    Language Development

    Early childhood is a critical period in a child’s life where they experience rapid growth and development in various areas, including physical, cognitive, and language development. This period is crucial for building the foundation for a child’s future growth and success. Physical Development in Early Childhood Physical development in early childhood refers to the changes […]

    Let’s talk about Dementia: Causes & Preventions

    Dementia Causes & Preventions

    What you can do to prevent the on-set of cognitive decline in adults We’ve asked the question quite many times now, but it remains contextual each time – is brain training only for treating disabilities? Is it a means of damage control or more of a precaution before you need the medicine? Taking dementia for […]

    What Does Autism Look Like in Adults?

    What Does Autism Look Like in Adults

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) includes delay in child development and their deviant functioning. Autism is often diagnosed in childhood, usually after the age of four. However, some people cannot identify it until their adulthood. As people discover autism in their later life, their response to it completely varies, some might feel that they have got […]

    How Brain Training helps in Early Childhood Development

    Early childhood development

    ‘Better late than never’ – also indicates that starting early is still the best option! The same applies to a young mind. In fact, a baby’s brain starts to develop as soon as it enters its six-week phase, and it continues to grow and mature through the end of pregnancy and completes finally at the […]