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    Speech therapy in dubai

    Speech therapy centers in Dubai focus on learning ‘how to cope with a child’s lack of phonemic awareness.’ We understand how phonemic awareness is crucial to a child’s ability to read and understand written language. It is entirely based on how the kid comprehends and decodes written data and turns it into speech.

    We don’t believe in forcing a pupil to learn. It requires their active participation, as well as the teachers. However, a kid can never learn it by mere instruction. On the other hand, if the child masters the knowledge of phonemes, language units, and skills to manipulate the two, they will be able to communicate easily.

    Excelling in this tacit task has helped us tumble down barriers faced during speech therapy in Dubai.

    Language is a two-tier platform; receptive and expressive. Sound starts from the monetary grunts, huffs, and puffs to imitating what they hear and finally combining words to make sentences that sound sane. We work to achieve these milestones and not let them continue in this journey alone.

    Understanding Speech and Language Disorders and Their Management in Dubai – What Caused It?

    Speech and language disorders do not develop overnight. They often are short-lived and often pass by without anyone noticing them. Although for the more evident forms, we must understand the reasons behind these developments. We welcome every kid with open minds and open arms to deal with their individuality.

    Instances including; genetics, premature birth, low birth weight, hearing loss or partial hearing, Autism, any intellectual disability or syndromes (Down’s Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), and brain injuries are some likely causes.

    Think Like a Special Needs Parent

    During speech therapy in Dubai, we think from the perspective of both a kid and parents. Often the child shows signs of frustration on not being understood fully. Therefore, we aim to understand both the kid and the parent. This way, we effectively manage aggression or disruption from either side.

    Special needs parents often face their kids going through frequent ruts at school, failing to make new friends, or refusing to interact much due to their disability. Kids act as such to garner attention when they are not understood. Unfortunately, parents often fail to understand what is wrong and often brush it off as mere tantrums. In cases of special needs diagnosis, parents often fail to assess what the child is pointing out their frustrations.

    We ensure that both sides are heard so those special needs parents and their kids can communicate effectively.


    Early intervention is key when coping with speech and language disorders – as agreed upon by all speech therapy centers in Dubai and worldwide. We introduce certified speech-language pathologists to let them have a better chance of social and emotional development. They gauge where the child stands and then continue to fill in the communication gaps.

    As mentioned above, many instances are short-lived and may not require intervention. Two therapies are used to deal with kids when we identify that a professional is needed.

    1- Dysarthria Speech Therapy

    Restorative and compensatory strategies come into play. Professionals assess speech delivery and try to get as much verbal output as possible. Then they compensate by gauging listening skills and altering the communicative environment to foster communication. They modify environments, create scenarios, form groups, etc., to help initiate communication.

    2- Aphasia Therapy

    In this method, a certain group or individualized therapy sessions are carried out to restore language abilities. This therapy focuses on using what is there and adding links to form new ways of communication. The nature of this method depends on what the child has to offer and working further.

    These days many mobile apps have also been developed to find solutions for speech and language disorders in Dubai.

    How Do I Communicate with My Child?

    Communication Boards – AAC

    These boards have pictures of daily routines or chores that the child might want to do.

    Our main aim is to see our children flourish and prosper. We work tirelessly for it, sparing no effort to make sure each child is heard and understood. We take help from gestures, sign language, drawings, and notes to fill in the non-verbal parts; this way, the child eases their frustrations out of their system. It gives them a chance to focus their energy on forming speech and deciphering written text more closely.

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