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    Natural Remedies for ADHD

    ADHD also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a very common neurodevelopmental disorder in children and Adults. Most of the cases are diagnosed in childhood and last till adulthood. Those with ADHD have difficulty paying attention, and controlling impulsive behaviour, they act without thinking about the results.

    ADHD can be caused by brain damage, excessive alcohol or tobacco use, premature delivery or low birth weight however genetic factors are known to be a common cause for the condition.

    Treatment of ADHD

    ADHD treatment in Dubai includes behaviour therapy and medications. Behaviour therapy and training of parents are considered the first step in treating ADHD in Dubai. It is followed by proper monitoring, follow-ups, and changes if required. After all these steps, medications intervene. As more and more cases of ADHD are being diagnosed, medicines for ADHD are rapidly being sold in the market.

    These medicines might sometimes have minor side effects that can harm the patient in one way or the other. But there is nothing to fear because nature is here to help you, it has some of the finest ingredients that can help a person suffering from ADHD not only reduce the symptoms but at times also treat the disease completely. Here are some of the natural remedies for ADHD treatment agreed upon by experts in Dubai.

    A diet that restricts allergens helps people improve the behaviour of children suffering from ADHD. It is always better to get professional advice and visit an allergy doctor in case you suspect your child has any allergies but if you don’t want to visit a doctor an experiment can be done by avoiding these foods. Some of these foods include milk, eggs, chocolates, food containing salicylates like chilli pi powder, grapes, apple, peach, and tomatoes, and chemical preservatives like butylated hydroxytoluene and butylated hydroxyanisole they are used as a preservative in oils and also found in processed foods like chips, chewing gum, butter, cereal, etc.

    Researchers have shown that some food colours and preservatives are responsible for the increased or hyperactive behaviour in some children. The foods containing these colouring and preservatives should be avoided.

    One of these preservatives include sodium benzoate which is commonly found in fruit juices and carbonated beverages.

    Some of the food colours that lead to hyperactive behaviour include:

    1. Yellow number 6 which is sunset yellow is found in cereals, candy, soft drinks, and icing.
    2. Yellow number 5 is found in pickles and yoghurt.
    3. Read number 40 it is found in soft drinks, medications and ice cream.
    4. Yellow number 10 is found in juices and smoked haddock.

    It is a type of neurotherapy that measures brain waves. This type of training has been proved to have very positive effects on children suffering from ADHD.

    ADHD treatment in Dubai includes giving a child a special video game so that he can concentrate on it such as keeping the plane flying or keeping the car moving. If they get distracted the plane might crash or the car might break down. The game teaches the child how to focus on one thing, and eventually, the child starts to identify and correct his symptoms.

    Different therapies are found to be very effective in people with ADHD. They learn how to manage their condition, they not only help you to identify the problem but also help you to modify unhealthy or unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. There are many types of therapies for ADHD some of them are cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy family therapy, and couples counselling.

    Sleep disturbances may also cause problems in ADHD. Doctors are not sure whether the sleep issues are because of ADHD or not or if they just increase its symptoms. It is said that a positive relationship between sleep can be very much beneficial for different problems in life, one of which includes reducing ADHD symptoms.

    Aerobic exercises are proved to have a positive effect on ADHD patients. Working out is one of the natural remedies for ADHD it helps in reducing major symptoms like hyperactivity, functioning issues a, and anxiety problems especially in children

    Like any disease treatment efficacy may vary from person to person, one form of natural treatment may not be effective to all of the patients of ADHD. The most important thing to remember is that treatment has proven very successful for people living with ADHD whether they are a child, a teen, or an adult. No matter what type of natural remedy or doctor medication you take, it is always important to treat the symptoms on time.