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    Positive Visualization for People with ADHD

    There is no question that people with ADHD face difficulty making their way through life. A common problem is having trouble maintaining social skills, which leads to socially inappropriate behaviors.

    With time, we are discovering more about people with ADHD and how gifted they are despite the difficulties they have to face. Their minds are more creative, unlike others, as they are visualizing countless scenarios at all times.

    While having several thoughts and emotions throughout the day, ADHDers could find themselves achieving more if they learn how to focus on positive visualization. A positive and creative vision of things leads to less worry and anxiety for them. This may sound like an easy task to certain people, but for ADHDers, having a positive outlook on things comes with a lot of difficulty.

    With a positive outlook and a strong support system, people with ADHD may visualize their lives facing one day at a time. With help from several ADHD medications, it gets easier to calm them down and talk to them, making them more open to understanding other people.

    3 steps in which ADHDers can benefit:

    1. Visualize tasks by breaking them down
      Putting forward the many tasks that need to be done by an ADHDer may confuse them, which leads to stress and anxiety. At the beginning of each day, making them visualize moving from one activity to the next helps them stay calm and focus on one task at a time. For instance, waking up + morning exercise + making coffee.

      This helps them to conquer each day in a broken-down fashion and look forward to the next with a happy and calm attitude.

    2. Creating a mind map to help achieve goals

      While it is important to get through one day at a time, having a long-term plan in mind and creating a mind map makes ADHDers feel ready to work hard towards their goals.

      This may be applicable to short-term goals like getting a job or starting a small-scale business. Drawing, sketching, and using visual tools enables those busy brains to keep up with their thoughts and ideas. Mind maps are an excellent way to jot down multiple thought processes and prioritize strategies as well.

    3. Accept challenges. Step up again

      Having setbacks is a part of life. Although setbacks are tough for everyone, they can affect people with ADHD adversely. It is important that ADHDers know beforehand that obstacles are bound to come and growth comes with such obstacles.

      ADHD hyperfocus is a special gift that people with ADHD have. When people say that ADHD is a gift, this is what they mean. People with ADHD tend to obsess over things they care about, and this gift can be used as a strength by obsessing over achieving goals and having the life they dream of. And although staying persistent is a problem for them, their determination towards achieving their goals makes them lead a successful and accomplished life.


    Visualization is certainly not the solution to all problems, but having a creative and positive vision of each day and visualizing life goals will certainly be helpful for people with ADHD. Consider this as a foundational step that will help them achieve goals and keep their mind away from anxiety and unnecessary stress.

    Three things that can motivate people with ADHD are having the right support, having a constructive and positive environment, and having access to the right ADHD medications. This can help people with ADHD lead happy and accomplished lives without having constant worries.

    Envisioning a life for yourself may take years to achieve, but the unique and creative visualization of the journey gives people with ADHD the courage and strength needed to move forward in life. Let us hope that every person with ADHD lives life according to the unique way they want and that they accomplish their way through life just like everyone else, or maybe better!

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