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    June 2020 Issue

    Dear Readers,

    The COVID-19 restrictions in numerous countries have eased and cities are getting back to normal. Retail and wholesale shops are allowed to accept customers and more people can now get back to work. Despite the good news, it is inevitable to feel anxious and have uncertainties for the future. While these things may be out of our control, having a healthy mindset can be the key to coping with these difficult circumstances.

    Likewise, schools are planned to open in September. The initial weeks that students spend at school can be crucial to the success of the entire school year. After a long holiday, kids and adults are more likely to experience the “summer brain drain”. It is best to exercise the brain and stretch out your cognitive abilities in preparation for the next school year.

    This month’s newsletter will address the aforementioned and will showcase articles that can help you deal with these issues. For more information about Brainnovation and brain training, you may contact us at any time or check out our website.

    Team Brainnovation


    With the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students and families are affected. This event will not only have economic impacts but will most likely exacerbate long-standing opportunity gaps. Research from the NWEA Organization links the similarities of the summer learning loss with the COVID-19 slide/slowdown among students. Click here to read the full article…

    Our brains on coronavirus

    by Mark Sapolsky

    There are special parts of the brain that deal with cognition and rationality. In times of stress, such as during a viral pandemic, our cognitive abilities are greatly affected, leading to irrational decision making.

    Covid-19 impact: Will working from home be the new norm?

    by Gavin Gibbon

    As businesses started to re-open, people are getting ready to head back to work within the parameters of social distancing and strict hygiene practices. The pandemic has not yet ended but many countries are looking beyond the disease and picking up the shattered pieces. In the ‘new normal’, working from home is seen as a plausible solution. But will this be enough to support both the business and the employees?

    How to avoid ‘summer brain drain’ this school holiday

    by Juliet Small

    “Brain drain” during the summer season is quite common among students after the long vacation break. Picking up the pace can be challenging during the initial weeks at school. How do we keep our children’s brains engaged?

    Get Brain train to combat brain drain; focus on exercise strategies that optimize neuroprotection

    by Burley, Claire V. et. al.

    This review tackles the effect of exercise not only on physical health but also on the cognitive and mental health of an individual. Innovative exercise strategies can help optimize neuroprotection, which can help prevent the onset and risk of cognitive decline and neurodegenerativediseases.

    (Based on a true story) Amir is an energetic kid. He enjoys going to school and meeting his friends. When school got suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis, he has experienced a few problems at home. Check out how Amir and his family overcame this problem with the help of Brainnovation Dubai.

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