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    Early detection of Autism can be a life changer. Understanding their challenges can help you assist your kid in learning, growing, and thriving while seeking treatment for autism in Dubai.

    What is Autism?

    There are several symptoms associated with Autism. The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually appears in infancy and early childhood and harms development in multiple areas, such as talking, playing, and interacting with others.

    As with its symptoms, autism has a wide range of signs and symptoms. Autism is a spectrum disorder, with mild impairments in some and more severe difficulties in others. Despite this, all children on the autism spectrum suffer from some degree of difficulty in the following areas:

    • Using both vocal and nonverbal communication.
    • Relationships with others and with the surrounding environment.
    • Thinking and acting flexibly.

    Your child doesn’t:

    • Maintain eye contact, like looking at you while being fed or laughing when they are being smiled at.
    • React to the sound of their name or the tone of a friendly sound.
    • Visually follow items, or follow your motion while you are pointing things out.
    • To convey, nod or wave hello, or apply other signs.
    • Create sound to catch your attention.
    • Ask or reply to cuddle, or extend a hand to be lifted.
    • Try to mimic your facial emotions and actions.
    • Play with others or share your interests and delight.
    • Take note or provide consideration if you injure yourself or endure discomfort.

    The theories about what causes autism and what the best treatment for autism in Dubai is, differ among doctors, parents, and experts. However, everyone agrees with one key fact: early and intensive intervention is crucial.

    How parents can spot the warning signs

    Parents can easily detect autism’s earliest warning signs. It’s hard for a pediatrician to see things during a fifteen-minute visit that you may notice as a parent. You are the only one who knows your child the best and observes their behavior. You should also consider your observations and experience while seeking autism treatment in Dubai. Education is the key to knowing what’s normal and what’s not.

    Monitor your child’s development. A child with autism may show a variety of developmental delays, so monitoring social, emotional, and cognitive milestones closely is an effective way to detect the condition early. Delays in development do not automatically signify autism; however, they may indicate increased risk.

    Take action if you’re concerned. Since children differ in their development, there is no reason to panic if your child is a little late to walk or talk. As far as healthy development goes, there’s a wide range of “typical.” If you suspect something is wrong or you notice that your child is not developing as he should, you should consult your child’s pediatrician immediately. There is no time to waste if you seek the best treatment for autism in Dubai.

    Don’t accept a wait-and-see approach. “Don’t panic,” many worried families are advised, or they are told to “Wait and find.” Waiting, on the other hand, may be the worst option you can choose. You risk wasting important time when your child has the highest possibility of improving. Regardless of whether a child is affected by autism or another source, intellectual and developmental disabilities in children rarely “grow out of” their issues. Your kid requires extra assistance and specialized care to acquire abilities in the areas of impairment.

    Brainnovation can help children with Autism through Brain Training!

    Brain training is a simple but powerful way to enhance a student’s core ability to learn faster, easier, and better. The brain processes information through a complex network of nerve cells called neurons. As we learn, groupings of neurons physically work together to accomplish learning or thinking tasks.

    In simpler words, Brain training involves a series of mental exercises carefully designed to re-wire, transform & establish NEW behaviors, thoughts, and actions in a person’s life.

    Possible Signs of Autism in Children and Its Diagnosis