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    Mother of 2: “For the umpteenth time Jack! Your football shoes are in the backyard. Hurry up or we’ll be late AGAIN!

    # 2 : “How many times have I told you, to switch off the lights before you leave? And close the doors! Why do I need to constantly repeat myself?”

    # 3. Gina: “I cannot remember where I’ve kept my keys. I’m so sure they were right here” #4. Boss: “Gina – I cannot believe you forget the presentation was today! This is too much!”

    How many of you can relate to these statements on a daily/weekly or even hourly basis? Just like Gina & any parent today, our lives are consumed with an agenda that never seems to end, and the stress that is a by-product when things don’t get done on time. Have you ever considered that – what if none of this was actually Gina or the child’s fault? The underlying reason could be a whole different story. Many of us don’t address the root cause aka weak cognitive skills, and continue to lead our lives just as they are.

    What if you could change your life to perform better, faster & smarter in everything you do?

    At Brainnovation, this is what we believe! Our extensively researched BrainRX program is based on the fundamental concept of Neuroplasticity (i.e the human brain’s ever-changing plastic nature). Our program strengthens & enhances the 7 core cognitive skills used to think, create, imagine, learn & reason. We can help anyone think faster, work more efficiently, and gain significant improvements in cognitive skills, which translates into life changing results. Improved skills give our clients a huge boost in confidence – as well as help them do better academically, athletically and even socially. Our programs benefit many people including:

    • – Traumatic Brain Injury sufferers
    • ADHD/Autism/Dyslexia
    • – High School students
    • – Struggling Students
    • – Professionals & Seniors

    How are we different from tutoring?

    In a nutshell, Brainnovation treats the causes rather than the symptoms. Tutoring focuses on re-teaching content while we focus on why someone didn’t learn the content in the first place.

    How does brain training work?

    Brainnovation is an intense one on one cognitive development program, combined with effective digital procedures. When a student undergoes training, they will receive 5 hours of training each week. Half of the training is provided by a personal brain trainer, and the other half is done with our digital brain training program. The elements of a sequenced, intense yet fun, one on one & highly positively reinforced training experience makes this a unique and one of a kind solution to overcoming learning barriers.

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