Reading Struggles & Dyslexia

Difficulty with reading is a common problem. According to Oxford Learning, about one in five people (including children) struggle with reading in some way. And since it is such an important skill, reading difficulties can cause trouble in other areas of learning, including writing, spelling, fluency, and comprehension. These barriers make it very hard for students to perform well in school and often lowers self-esteem.

Reading Struggles & Dyslexia

Do you or your Child:

ADHD symptoms

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions you or your child might have a reading disorder. Don’t worry, the first step to finding a solution is easy, we are here to help.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common learning disorder that can affect a person’s ability to read, spell, speak and write. The condition stems from weaknesses in parts of the brain that process language, sounds and speech.

Taking the First Step - IDENTIFYING THE ROOT CAUSE behind the struggle.

Genetics & hereditary factors play a role along with Weak Auditory processing skills in the brain. Fact: Auditory processing is the cognitive skill the brain uses to hear, segment, and blend sounds —This skill is foundational to successful reading!

In fact, studies show that weak auditory processing skills are at the root of approximately 85% of all reading struggles. This is why interventions that use cognitive training techniques to target and strengthen auditory processing and other cognitive abilities get such tremendous results.

The process of Reading for Good Readers VS Poor Readers (See Below)

Schedule Your Brain Skills Assessment Today!

If you are ready to work on your reading comprehension with the help of our training sessions, reach out to our team to Schedule your Brain Skills Assessment with us. Take the first step to easier learning!


Identify your strong and weak skills through a Cognitive Skills Assessment.


Customize & recommend a suitable program Targeted to your weak skills and help you overcome the daily life struggle.


Embark you on a transformational journey through FUN & Intensive Mental exercises with a Personal Certified Brain trainer.

    Can Brain Training Help People with Reading Struggles and Dyslexia?

    Research has shown that intense, one-on-one brain training has helped people with reading struggles and dyslexia experience significant improvements in primary brain skills that are needed to read, spell, learn, and perform well in and out of school.

    While studies show that brain training games or apps aren’t effective, studies do show that our methods of intense, one-on-one delivery have helped struggling children with a number of different struggles and disorders (including dyslexia) see life-changing gains.

    Brain Training Programs

    Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:

    “Pre- and Post-Training Cognitive Performance among Brain training Clients with Dyslexia”

    Want to know more about our Research & Case studies? CLICK HERE to Read our Client Outcomes Publication in detail.

    Benefits of training at Brainnovation

    Benefits of training at Brainnovation

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