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    Show of hands: Who wants to be smarter?

    Young or old, we bet everyone wants to stay sharp throughout life. But what steps are we taking to keep our brains in top shape?

    Did you know that what you do for your brain today can impact what your brain can do for you tomorrow?

    What On Earth Is Brain Training?

    To use an analogy, picture someone religiously following a physical fitness regimen. To achieve the so-called gainz, repetition and progression are required.

    Brain training is no different. Through intense yet enjoyable mental workouts, we exercise the core cognitive skills, strategically incorporating targeted repetition and progression over time.

    What Are Cognitive Skills?

    Cognitive skills are mental processes required to think, learn and remember. And by cognitive, we mean the seven mental processes below:

    • Attention: Focus over time, despite distraction, or while multitasking
    • Processing Speed: Think and perform tasks quickly and accurately
    • Working Memory: Hold on to and use information during the learning process
    • Auditory Processing: Distinguish, blend, and segment sounds accurately
    • Visual Processing: Create and picture mental images while thinking or reading
    • Logic & Reasoning: Reason, form ideas, and solve problems
    • Long-Term Memory: Efficiently recall facts and stored information

    Who Is It For?

    While we often advocate brain training for students, mental fitness is universal and benefits clients of all ages. In fact, our programs cater to:

    Neuroplasticity: The Science Behind Brain Training

    Ever heard of neuroplasticity? Simply put, it refers to our brain’s ability to continuously grow. Despite the inevitable process of aging.

    Neuroplasticty is the bedrock of brain training. Our programs are built on the fact that the human brain continues to improve, especially with regular and intensive mental activities.

    We do this by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity and applying it to improve memory, processing speed, and problem-solving skills.

    Have A Go At Brain Training

    Much like a fitness program, brain training is a science-based workout program. But for the brain—a mental gym if you will.

    Best yet, our clients work one-on-one with personal brain trainers, providing accountability, motivation, and—ultimately—life changing results.

    Download the family gamepack here – enjoy!

    Until next time,

    Team Brainnovation

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