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    Dear readers,

    Feeling stressed, anxious, and unable to focus lately? You’re not alone. 

    Last month, we put a spotlight on the summer slide. (Hint: it’s not as fun as it sounds.) This time, we turn our focus to the mental health tolls of the global catastrophe and managing pandemic anxiety.

    As we navigate through this unprecedented time, anxiety is a normal reaction.

    And we should all be concerned. On the bright side, we can use this concern to our advantage. Like wearing a mask in public. Practicing good hygiene. And so on.

    While others are able to cope well, experts fear that we may begin to lose our ability to cope as data shows a surge of anxiety, stress and depression. 

    Sustained anxiety takes a toll on our mental health and overall well-being.

    With so much competing for our attention right now, our working memory reaches a cognitive overload, limiting our brain’s capacity to focus.

    The consequence? Trouble focusing and anxiety. Work performance and relationships dip as tasks require more brainpower. 

    We have to come to terms that our minds are going to be all over the place. After all, we’re not only fighting the invisible enemy but also the mental, social and psychological effects it tags along.

    If you noticed you’re more on edge lately and want to declutter your mental space, we’ve included curated resources you can flick through below.

    Our brain training program can also help you get back on track—talk to us!

    Until next time,

    Team Brainnovation

    P.S. Our summer booster program is still on. Check it out here.

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