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    Autism - A Different kind of Brilliant

    What is Autism?

    Autism is a developmental disability caused by neurological and chemical differences in different parts of the brain.  They face problems with social communication and have restricted behaviors. Autistic people are unable to understand what others are thinking resulting in behavioral issues depending on the spectrum they are on. They face difficulty in making friends and prefer staying alone. Autism treatment in Dubai includes allowing these people to have their ways of learning, moving, or paying attention.

    Talents in Autism

    It is rightly said that when any of your abilities are compromised, another one is enhanced. Hence, thinking of autism as being any less is a misconception, these people are full of hidden talents and strengths. Although not all children with autism will have all of these talents, every child is unique in his or her strength and talents and should be measured with their own unique yardstick.

    1. Hyperlexia

    Hyperlexia means learning to read at an early age. They are capable of memorizing things more quickly than other people and for a longer period. This hidden talent is due to their ability to think and learn in a pictorial way.

    2. Logical Thinking

    The ability to logically help them to excel in academics, whether it is science or mathematics, or engineering. These are logical subjects and do not need any type of social interaction. Thus, they are proven best for artistic people, these people are very precise and detail-oriented. They are great in academics; for example, most of them are above average in reading or maths skills as compared to other people.

    3. Excellent Sense of Direction and Punctuality

    People with autism are found to be very punctual. They strongly adhere to rules, and this helps them to drive for perfection. They can concentrate for a long period and have a very rare sense of wonderment. They are also found to be very honest and reliable.

    4. Innovative Approach in Problem-Solving

    People with autism are very good at solving problems. They can figure out different ways to get out of any situation which helps them to carry out different tasks at a high rate of accuracy.

    5. Social and Emotional Strength

    We already know that children with autism face a lot of problems in social interactions and making friends but there can be some strengths in this area as well. Children with autism have a very unique picture of the world in their minds. They can talk about their special interests, they are capable of seeing things without processing any emotions like other people, they do not crave social reinforcement and attention from other people. They don’t even need a fake smile or other gestures to attract people toward themselves.

    6. Relationships Strengths

    Kids with autism usually have true relationships in which they are free to be themselves. They can find a close friend or a family member with whom they can share their interests. This is better than having a group of friends or many relatives that are only for surface-level relationships and not having feelings of care and compassion for you. Apart from this, if a person with autism does not have any interest in making friends and having close relationships, they can simply enjoy an independent life in which they are happier and more satisfied.

    Autism Treatment in Dubai

    Autism treatment in Dubai mainly focuses on building skills and improving the communication of those on the spectrum. They use skills to create social interaction and increase positive behavior between people. The person with autism retains all of his symptoms along with these hidden talents, most of them will have a single talent, but many are seen to have more than one.

    Brainnovation, a center that offers such training and skill building that aids Autism treatments in Dubai. The center focuses on minimizing the symptoms and maximizing the abilities. These people have the best chance of using their strengths and abilities to help make different therapies successful. These therapies are different for every person; they vary from case to case. Most of these people respond best to highly specialized programs and in some cases, treatment can reduce symptoms and help people to carry out their daily activities. Early diagnosis is always better; it helps in having major positive effects on symptoms and improving skills. Other types of autism treatment in Dubai include joint attention therapy, medication treatment, nutritional therapy, parent-mediated therapy, social therapy, speech-language therapy, and social skills training – when taken in a perfect blend, will show noticeable changes. But we need to remember – treatments do not indicate a problem but a way of strengthening the weaker parts and perfecting the stronger ones!

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