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    What actually is ADHD?

    The cause of ADHD still remains under investigation, but what is known is that genes, environmental influences such as exposure to toxins in the womb and early traumatic experiences play a key role. In order to feel happy, our brain craves for stimulants that we often refer to as distractions. The brain of people with ADHD excessively craves for stimulants that release dopamine and enables them to feel happy. Often when they cannot find a stimulant or are engaged in a mundane task – they seek to create one themselves. Often this behavior inside the classroom can be misunderstood as being a troublesome child or a careless one, but it is the way their brain functions that makes it difficult for them to concentrate. These issues like lack of attention or being impulsive can be treated with brain training that wires their brain to concentrate without craving for distractions and overcome other problems that might come with ADHD.

    How can we spot ADHD in our children\siblings\parents?

    Forgetting where the keys are, repeating the same mistakes, not remembering deadlines, might not be able to recall basic instructions given out repeatedly? These might be a few habits of our family members or students that can alarm us about helping them out of their struggle by a proper diagnosis. And most importantly we can help them by not judging or labeling them as inadequate. We should also keep in mind that while ADHD might be very old, but our environment with increasing demand to stay attentive and focused, ADHD has been surfacing strikingly. From very old age people with ADHD have been succeeding and so can they in the modern world.


    Not all people are extremely excited to jump off a cliff into the ocean – we call this braveness.

    Not all people get teary listening to someone in trouble – we call that being empathetic.

    Not all people have hundreds of ideas going on in their head, or high-risk takers or impulsive – but we call them not normal, or disabled. The traits of ADHD can also be seen as a special ability that others might not have instead of seeing it as an issue. All brave and empathetic people also need to be trained in order to use their special qualities in a productive and self-grooming way. Similarly, children and adults with ADHD should also be trained in a way that channels their energy and bursts of ideas into something productive instead of harming their inner self. Cultivating and polishing the traits ADHD brings along can be achieved through cognitive training. Our team at Brainnovation aims to make people with ADHD see their potential and help them wire their brain and practice how to make good use of their traits and overcome their weaknesses. Often, what they crave for the most is someone who might understand what they are going through, and truly help them out without expecting things that they are not equipped to do. Our trainers abide by treating each child or adult the way they deserve. If you are looking for a center that provides ADHD treatment in Dubai – with training and exercise, we might be the answer you are seeking.

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